on watch_1Allied Container Systems, Incorporated (ACS) provides innovative training venues, role players and training support solutions, as well as deployable, scalable shelters and infrastructures for those who live and work in austere environments.

Serving customers since 1992, ACS is the leading provider of containerized training structures. Having won one of the largest contracts for containerized structures ever awarded, ACS has extensive “lessons learned” and the most experienced project managers, designers, engineers, fabricators, and installation teams in the industry. This experience, coupled
with unparalleled production volume, equates to incomparable quality, delivery schedules, and pricing.

97% “Right the First Time” Quality Acceptance by Customers (2010) -- from 14 surveys received

Whether building realistic training facilities for military personnel, populating live training environments with role players and realism effects, or quickly creating short-term shelter and specialized facilities for people in austere environments, ACS provides green and sustainable infrastructure as well as highly-skilled personnel who enable users to achieve their goals.

98% Customer Satisfaction (2010 -- from 36 ratings received

With global capabilities providing defence and shelter solutions, ACS offers turnkey systems that are high quality, quick to deploy, and cost effective for military, law enforcement, disaster relief organizations, businesses, and other government entities. With complete logistics capabilities, ACS’ high-quality structures can be efficiently fielded anywhere in the world.

From the design phase through the building, installation, and management phases, ACS helps every step of the way to turn the user’s plans into safe operations.